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Wuhan Dico Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Wuhan Dico Chemical Co., Ltd (Wuhan Dico) was founded in June 2003. Wuhan Dico is a professional enterprise in fine chemical, formulation and possess of many senior chemical application engineers and market managers.

In 2011, Wuhan Dico Chemical Co., Ltd invested Hubei Microbial Control Biological Technology Co., Ltd, which specialized in fine chemical products researching, producing and operating. It located in National Chemical Zone in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, China, covered 27000 square meters. 

We are a high-tech enterprise possess Independent R&D key technology and multi term patents for invention, such as Continuous Glutaraldehyde Production Process Patented Technology (Patent NO. ZL 2012 1 0552531.2) which is the only one in China. We are strictly according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational 
Health and Safety Management System and gained ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate and ISO 45001 Ceritificate. The annual output of tranche Glutaraldehyde project reaches 15,000MT.

Our mainly products include Industrial Grade Glutaraldehyde 50%(GIG 50), Pharmaceutical Grade Glutaraldehyde 50%(GIG 250), Modified Glutaraldehyde, Aliphatic Aldehydes(PN, PF), Pyran(MDP), Compound Biocide, etc. They are widely used as biocide, algaecide, leather treatment, medical disinfectant, organic intermedium, protein fixative, etc. Meanwhile, we serve for drilling fluids chemicals for many years and cooperate very well with Sinopec, CNPC, COOOC, SMC(United States), Schlumberger, etc. 

In 2012, Wuhan Dico invested to establish an environment friendly plant in the name of Hunan Hong Run Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It located in Changlian sub-park, Yunxi Industrial Park, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China, near by raw material supplier - Sinopec. The annual output of Benzoic Acid is 60000 Ton. It is the largest benzoic acid manufacturer in China. The output of Benzaldehyde is 5000 Ton/year.

We build good relationship with many multinational enterprises, large petrochemical state-owned enterprises, paper enterprises, water treatment enterprises, etc. Products export to Europe, North America, South America, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australian, etc.

About us

Contact us

Hotline: +86-27-83619372

Add: NO.377 Jinghan Avenue 8 FL Xianghe Mansion, Qiaokou District, Wuhan China
Tel: +86-27-83351802 +86-27-83619372 +86-27-83351786 +86-27-83351760
E-mail: info@whdico.com bing@whdico.com

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Wuhan Dike Chemical Co., Ltd

We build good relationship with many multinational enterprises, large petrochemical state-owned enterprises, paper enterprises, water treatment enterprises, etc. Products export to Europe, North America, South America, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australian, etc.

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